Declutter, Release, and Let Go

We are hoarders. Rather, it be old memories, piling one on top of the other, clinging viciously to our present or things, stuff we have bought because capitalism convinced us we will one day need. Between all this clutter, it is hard to find yourself.

Making space for new things is the hardest part of growth. We often believe that we are full of experiences, knowledge, memories, and growth. Often, we stand between our growth and ourselves. We often forget how important it is to forget, let go, and move on.

Decluttering your brain is a long and tedious journey. It is okay to start small, slow, and steady. The growth of a flower takes much time; many seasons and many journeys. Undoubtedly, every autumn the flower will wither and die, but only a plant that is well taken care of will bloom again when spring returns.

The Beginning of the End

The beginning is the most excruciating, and important step of any task. The step we often procrastinate until we reach our utmost limit and sometimes, even later than that. If you are someone who deals with mental health problems, this might be a more insistent issue in your life. 

Do not feel guilty. Just because you are late does not mean you have already lost. You have all the time in the world to start working on yourself. You are not a project that needs to be under constant supervision and construction.

Self-care is not a chore; it is a privilege. Here are steps you can take to start decluttering:

Start Small

You need to do as much as it is possible for yourself. Start with getting two boxes. One is for keepers, the other for donations. Choose one room at a time. There might be things that you do not need simply taking up extra space, but you do not want to give them away either, put those things in keepers. The things you do not need of course go into donations.

Start Big

If you are a “Go big or go home.” kind of person then you can go the extra mile. You can hire a Utility Shed Dealer. Utility sheds have multiple upsides for a long-term solution to decluttering your life. First and foremost, it adds property value. Having a utility shed in your backyard can bump your property price because of extra storage space.

Secondly, you do not have to sell it. You can drag your shed with you to any corner of the earth you go to.

Thirdly, you can minimize the clutter in your immediate surrounding ten-folds. Things you do not want to let go of can stay close by, away from your sight. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

The End

Letting go is no easy task. We hoard because we often do not know what to do with whatever is on our hands. “One day” is a hope that keeps ringing in our ears. Maybe, one day, it will matter that I own this and carry this with me. Maybe, one day it will make sense why I kept it with me all this time. Maybe, it won’t and that is okay. All that matters is that you took good care of yourself. In any case, you were prepared for it all along.

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