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Before using any electrical tools or appliances, you should always consider safety. An overload or short circuit can damage tools or appliances. So, to protect electrical circuits or devices from being overpowering, a device like a fuse or MCB needs to be built in. You can use high-quality MCB from Eshop. But nowadays, a tiny circuit breaker, or modular MCB, takes the role of the fuse because it is a more controllable and efficient compact device. This article gives a quick overview of MCBs or microcircuit breakers.

What Is An MCB?

Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) shut power off instantly in the case of an overload or network failure. Nowadays, an MCB replaces a fuse in low-voltage electrical networks. The little circuit breaker detects overcurrent more reliably than a fuse and is far more overcurrent-sensitive.

Types of MCBs according to the Number of Poles

Single, double, triple, and four-pole MCBs are among several types of MCBs that are categorized according to the number of supported poles; they are covered below.

●      Single Pole Current Controlled Device

A single-pole micro-circuit breaker provides switching and protection for a single-circuit phase. Moduler MCB circuits are primarily intended for use with these circuit breakers. Using these circuit breakers, you can regulate your house’s specific electrical lines, lighting systems, or socket outlets. Install a modular switchboard with MCB for single pole safety.

●      Double Pole MCB

Usually, consumer control unit panels, including the primary switches, employ double-pole MCB. Before power is dispersed to various parts of the house, it passes via this circuit breaker from the energy meter.

●      MCB Triple Pole

The three phases of the circuit receive protection and switching only from a triple pole MCB, sometimes known as a TP MCB. The neutral is not protected.

●      MCB Four Pole

Like phase poles, a four-pole modular MCB features a protective release primarily for the neutral pole. Therefore, this kind of MCB has to be used anywhere there is a possibility of a solid neutral current flow over the circuit.


  • Miniature circuit breakers, or MCBs, find application in the following fields.

  • Protecting an equipment or device from overload and short-circuit situations is the primary job of an MCB.

  • Install a modular switchboard with MCB for streamlined, modern electrical solutions in homes, businesses, and offices.

  • It guards the house from an overload.

  • Its mechanism opens the contacts when a fault from line to GND occurs, making it suitable for use with an arc-fault or GND fault mechanism.

  • MCBs are significantly inefficient in electrical distribution throughout all home lighting systems.


This is, therefore, a summary of the application of MCB circuits, benefits, and uses of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs). Modular MCBs are electromechanical devices intended to immediately cut off the electrical circuit upon detecting any deviation. This circuit breaker makes it easy to detect overcurrent from a short circuit. Upgrading to a modular switchboard with MCBs ensures seamless power distribution control. You can buy modular MCB from Eshop. To know more, please visit this website.

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