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Look no further if you want to analyse the market trends of HDFC securities, the stockbroking arm of HDFC. After the delisting of HDFC following a 64 billion dollar all-stock reverse merger deal with HDFC Bank, it became the 11th largest lender worldwide and the largest bank in India regarding market capitalisation. HDFC securities, the financial subsidiary of HDFC Bank, started in 2000 and now has nearly 300 branches across India. It is a member of both the top exchanges, NSE & BSE, and a depository participant for both NSDL and CDSL. Apart from providing investors to trade in the exchanges, it also provides various services to boost its revenue and profit. Hence, the demand for unlisted HDFC securities is high, trading around Rs. 10,000 for each share with a face value of Rs. 10.

Continue reading this blog until the end to learn the market trends and analysis of HDFC securities and why to invest it in the grey market to make huge profits in the short term as experts predict its IPO in the near future to list in the exchanges. 

What is HDFC Securities?

The increase in smartphones, the COVID lockdown, and other factors increased online trading volumes worldwide, especially in India. HDFC Securities, one of the leading stock brokers in India, is one of the top beneficiaries of it to almost double its revenue from 782 to 1399 and PAT from 330 to 703 crore rupees from 2019 to 2021. The rapid rise in revenue continued to be 1891 crore rupees in 2023, and PAT or profit after tax was at 777 crore rupees. Hence, HDFC securities is one of the leading financial services, getting income from brokerage from trading volume and others. A few include offering financial digital products, running data centres, interest income, and many others. Hence, unlisted HDFC securities get traded on renowned online platforms for around 10,000 rupees for each share with Rs. 10 face value. 

Know the market trend of HDFC Securities

After the reverse merger of HDFC, HDFC Bank has become the largest private sector bank in India and the fifth largest bank worldwide in market capitalisation. HDFC securities, being the financial services arm of the HDFC Bank, has a vast clientele base across India for investing in the stock market and others. Hence, the unlisted HDFC Securities market trend has been bullish in the grey market to be in high demand with fewer sellers and more buyers.

An in-depth analysis of unlisted HDFC Securities price

HDFC Securities’ unlisted share price is now at its initial trading level of around Rs. 11,000 during 2018  after touching a low of 6,900 at the end of 2019, and it will continue to be around 10,000 until 2021. But with talks of an IPO coming out during the start of 2022 shot up to an all-time high of  Rs.16,450 in February 2022 but again came down to trade around 10,000 now. But with the rising revenue and profit after tax in 2023 and more expected for the fiscal 2024, experts predict its IPO soon.  

Final Words:

The above facts will give the correct market trend and an in-depth analysis of unlisted HDFC Securities to be bullish and best buy from the best online platform to make huge returns.

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